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Categories Loyalty ACT
In Loyalty Act card is given to customer which contains Redeem Points so that while billing of items he can redeemed his points for discount.
Loyalty act basically consists of Card Management, Card Transaction and Point Management modules.

Card Management : In this module cards(such as Gold, Silver etc) can be created  by providing details such as CardName,SeasonalDiscount,MinimumPoint,EncashmentPercentage,PercentageOn(Point,BillAmount),Discount Percentage,PointUnit ,PointOnAmount and Point Value.

Card Transaction: In this module card created can be Issued to Customer/Client by providing details such as Card Type, CardNumber, CardIssuedTo, CardIssuedDate and Card Valid Date.

Point Management: PointManagement consists of two submodules :
<a>Allocate Point
<b>Redeem Point

In  allocate point submodule point is allocated to issued card.This can be done by providing details such as CardNumber,SeasonalDiscount,AllocateDate,BillDate,BillNo,BillAmount,Point and Remarks.On the basis of Bill Amount point is calculated.

In Redeem Point sub module point and amount are redeemed. This can be done by giving details such as CardNumber,RedeemDate,BillDate,BillNo,BillAmount,RedeemAmount,RedeemPoints and Chargeable Amount.Here a customer’s maximum available balance point and maximum available balance amount can be viewed.
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